We are a small family winery, where the traditional production of wine from father to son is inherited. Our grandfather Antonín (1921), father Pavel (1951) taught us how to make wine in our production cellar, and now Patrik (1973) and Pavel (1977) Komárek farm here.

We are a winery based on the tradition of ancestors! We inherited vineyards, a cellar and a passion for wine! We don't know nice fairy tales, noble stories, just honest work. Truthfulness and pride, that you will find here and also in our wines!

The wine is born in a vineyard and there is a predominance of honest, specialized, arduous handwork that we want to be appreciate. The wine we produce may not taste you for the first sip, but in order to understand what we are doing, you need to be patient and taste it with an open mind for the second time.

ONLY healthy grapes can give

 first–class quality !

We are coming back to the roots!

In what is the essence of wine? In our case it´s unequivocally in tradition, culture and in natural drink full of healthy substances. We drink wine to rise up and not to fall down.

If you want "non-guilty" Coca-Cola buy it in supermarkets, but if you want honest Moravian wine, behind which stands our faces, we are ready.

...think globally locally

...produce individually